Yearly Gift Idea Dilemma

Okay, here we go, listen up people. What I am looking for is the perfect gift idea for my husband. I don’t want anything less than that. You can exceed that expectation and give me to grade that gift ideas if you want, but what I really want is at least one. I don’t want any less than one. You got that? Perfect. Let me know in the comments right now… Yes, I know, I’m being facetious, it’s not that easy. Trust me I know that it’s not that easy, I’ve been worrying about this for months.

I don’t know.I was thinking about getting him a wristwatch. When we had a chance to attend a gathering of businessmen, with known realtor Dave Jenkins included, I realized my husband was not wearing a watch at all! I think a watch would be perfect for him. He doesn’t really have one, and they’re super nice and cool. I think that he could get one. I was looking for the best watches under 500 and some seem to suit him very well. I was also looking at a website called Survival Cooking, for a totally different stuff, I saw a bunch of great camping gear that is really well reviewed. The writers put amazing attention to detail into their product descriptions, there are a few coolers and tumblers on there that I thought he would really be able to use with the way that he engages with nature and spends time out in the wilderness. But, what do I know about that kind of stuff? Almost nothing that’s why I’m so glad that those great writers said all that stuff about all of the products. What will I do? I don’t know, what should I do? Tell me!

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