This is Why You Should Know About Amazon Prime Canada

Now, I will admit that even one year ago Amazon Prime Canada was not in very good shape, but now it seems like they have really pulled it together, and they are serious about competing With the big guns and every single field. So, the question that I keep getting is of course… Is Amazon Prime worth it? Well, I have to say, that there’s nothing about Amazon Prime that would make it not worth it. Look, the fee is kind of big. You know, there is not that much going on financially for some of us, and paying a hundred bucks a year is a lot. However, I will say that, as a student, Amazon Prime is absolutely worth it, because of the substantial discount that students qualify for. I get a lot of people telling me that they are considering signing up for Amazon Prime, but they are not entirely certain that they will certainly be using this platform enough to make the yearly fee worthwhile for them. Oh I understand this, I do think that this is a very usable program, and when you realize that the yearly fee is basically less than $10 a month? I don’t think there is any question. If you are actually thinking of signing up for Amazon Prime, and you are interested in the very diverse amount of features that it offers, I don’t think that there is anything that keeps Amazon Prime from being worth every penny that you spend, it delivers a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you’re a student. However, if you’re a professional and are interested in Amazon Prime, I think that also justifies the cost, even though it is not as cheap as some other services, the amount that you’re getting for what you pay, is in my opinion second to none.

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