Photography and resourcefulness of photographers

In my opinion, the coolest thing about Photography is that absolutely everybody can do it if they are just giving a little bit of instruction in the proper resources. It’s not like learning an instrument or learning another language, it’s something that, if you are able to pick up, and you have the intuitive skills for it, it’s going to come quite easily and quite quickly. By practicing with a mobile device, and using the proper filters, you can really make things that will impress a lot of people. A lot of people focus on shots within their local community, forgotten land marks, or different perspectives on major landmarks that nobody is forgotten about. Or, just areas of town that people don’t really see, or areas of town that everybody sees, but in a different way. There are lots of different ways to approach creating your own photographs, and forming your own perspective, but I do believe that that perspective will always be informed by the individual themselves, and how they see the world. There are lots of different ways, and it is difficult to say which are wrong or right, but I personally believe that as long as you are being authentic to what you want to be representing, and how you see the world, you will actually have provided a great resource to the World by sharing your gifts that’s what I believe, at least, and I don’t think that anyone will ever take that away from me, and that is honestly why I think that it is great that photography is on the rise, and becoming less and less of an in-group inclusive thing. The whole Community should be invited in when it comes to things like this and I do find that a lot of progress is being made.

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