Items you can buy at Juju Supply

Juju supply is the absolute best. In my opinion, there are very few people who are not in some stage of healing, and if I can give someone something, like the things that are offered on Juju Supply, then I am helping them in so many more ways than just giving them another piece of material, I am actually allowing them to interpret a symbol, and carry it with them, a symbol that can work to remind my loved one or friend or colleague, that there are ways to be mindful in such a way that you are moving your life in the right direction and recovering from what is keeping you down, and healing in a very healthy way. I also love that Juju supply has products that offer protection. Yes, it’s just jewellery, but it is more than just jewelry. Might just look like jewelry, but to the wearer, it is protection. And no, this is not necessarily a placebo effect, there are jewelry items, and crystals and totems and symbols, which actually provide so, the amount of protection that is given by these gifts is something that is totally unprecedented, in my experience, and I really don’t think it is the type of thing that exists in very many other companies or products or anything like that. Seriously, it is just so special, in my opinion, and that these objects, made from things like turquoise and Sterling, and even gold, offer such beautiful protection for sensitive auras, and just maintain a really positive field of welcomed, Invitational, generous, and compassionate energy.

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