Photography and resourcefulness of photographers

In my opinion, the coolest thing about Photography is that absolutely everybody can do it if they are just giving a little bit of instruction in the proper resources. It’s not like learning an instrument or learning another language, it’s something that, if you are able to pick up, and you have the intuitive skills for it, it’s going to come quite easily and quite quickly. By practicing with a mobile device, and using the proper filters, you can really make things that will impress a lot of people. A lot of people focus on shots within their local community, forgotten land marks, or different perspectives on major landmarks that nobody is forgotten about. Or, just areas of town that people don’t really see, or areas of town that everybody sees, but in a different way. There are lots of different ways to approach creating your own photographs, and forming…


Electric Scooter on the go

I am using an electric scooter for the past six months now. I do believe people should start using this also as it make a big impact for the betterment of the environment. It does not only save us from the hassle of going to gas stations but it also gives us our chance to help in saving our nature. For one, it does not emit harmful gas which is dangerous for the air we breathe. It also has a feature where it creates no sound at all, leaving all commuters in peace and not annoyed. It also has a feature where you can power up the battery with only an electric outlet. No need to go to gas stations and fuel up because it does not use gas in the first place. It also comes with a box, a manual for instructions, as well as a free helmet! Unu…


Yearly Gift Idea Dilemma

Okay, here we go, listen up people. What I am looking for is the perfect gift idea for my husband. I don’t want anything less than that. You can exceed that expectation and give me to grade that gift ideas if you want, but what I really want is at least one. I don’t want any less than one. You got that? Perfect. Let me know in the comments right now… Yes, I know, I’m being facetious, it’s not that easy. Trust me I know that it’s not that easy, I’ve been worrying about this for months. I don’t know.I was thinking about getting him a wristwatch. When we had a chance to attend a gathering of businessmen, with known realtor Dave Jenkins included, I realized my husband was not wearing a watch at all! I think a watch would be perfect for him. He doesn’t really have one, and they’re super nice…


Make a DIY Gift

Are you saving up? Do you want to save money on giving gift for your coming anniversary with your boyfriend but you still want to make it special? Then make a DIY gift then! Here are the things you need to have: Extra papers glossy magazines magazine cut outs paste or glue or glue gun tokens from your previous dates card board or illustration board masking tape or scotch tape embellishments (buttons, pins etc) pen Pictures (lots of it!) and just about anything you want to show your significant other   Here’s how: Are you done? Who knows you can actually turn this DIY project in to a business website where you can also share your ideas and fun art?